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Changzhou BLK decoration material Co., Ltd is a modern enterprises specializing in production and operation of new furniture raw and auxiliary materials,the main products are "BLK" brand decorative paper, melamine impregnated paper and faced board,such as mdf,chipboard,plywood etc.These products are mainly used for funiture,door,floor.

We are located in NO. 49, xinhengcui road, henglin town, wujin district, changzhou city, jiangsu province which is one of the largest processing base...  Read More -


Changzhou BLK Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.Changzhou BLK Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.

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Due to the impact of the coronavirus, our company has received a formal notice from Guangzhou Furnit...
Precautions during the epidemic: wear a mask, do not go out, do not party.


Our company will resume production on March 24, 2020


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