Talk about the coronavirus
 Mar 26, 2020|View:1585

Talk about the coronavirus

During the Spring Festival, a sudden coronavirus spread across the country from Wuhan, which is an unexpected new challenge, but also a sudden new test!In order to protect the people's life and health to the greatest extent, the majority of Party members and cadres at the grass-roots level stick to the front line of the epidemic prevention struggle, pool their efforts, joint prevention and control, and work side by side with the masses to build a strong battle fortress. They wrote their loyalty to the party and the people with practical actions, and showed us what is the "most beautiful rebel" with their own actions.

From the outbreak of the new year's Eve, we opened our eyes every day. The first thing is to understand the development of the epidemic through mobile phone news, wechat group and other channels, and understand how grassroots cadres in various regions carry out epidemic prevention and control. As an enterprise, we also actively respond to the call of the government and make donations to support the local government's epidemic prevention work. Not everyone can be retrograde. At least, each of us, more or less, we should all contribute to the victory over the new coronavirus.

Precautions during the epidemic: wear a mask, do not go out, do not party. Protect yourself and your family. The haze will disappear sooner or later. I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible. I wish every one of you good health.


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