Annual Staff Travel Activities--Lingshan Buddha+Nianhua Bay
 Jul 28, 2019|View:271

Annual Staff Travel Activities--Lingshan Buddha+Nianhua Bay

Our company was arrange the annual staff tour to Lingshan Buddha+Nianhua Bay on July 28, 2019.

Lingshan Grand Buddha is located in Xiaoling Mountain on the west side of Qinlu Peak, Mt. Ma, Wuxi. It was originally the site of Xiangxiang Zen Temple, a famous temple in Tang and Song Dynasties. In order to protect cultural relics, promote culture and implement religious policies, the Planning Committee of restoring Xiangxiang Zen Temple and building the statue of the great Buddha planned to build an 88-meter high open-air bronze interpretation while rebuilding Xiangxiang Zen Temple. The statue of Kamuni Buddha. The location of the Great Buddha is Xiaoling Mountain named by Xuanzang of Tang Dynasty, so it is named Lingshan Great Buddha.

The construction of Lingshan Buddha is a great event in the Chinese Buddhist circle in the past hundred years. It will also become one of the symbols of Wuxi, the Pearl of Taihu Lake. It is of great significance to social culture and economic development.


The Buddha is made of tin bronze. In addition to the eternity of bronze pieces, bronze art is the essence of classical art from the Stone Age. It is also a splendid part of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Bronze art is simple, elegant and graceful, and enjoys a lofty position in the world.

The construction of Lingshan Buddha is completed according to the 32 phases of the Buddhist Sutra. The Buddha smiles kindly, sees all living beings widely, the right hand "Shidao Seal" represents pain relief, and the left hand "and Wishing Seal" represents joy, which are all phases of blessing. The whole Buddha statue is solemn and complete, serene and solemn and meticulous, showing the Buddha's compassionate law. Phase.

Looking back on the history of China and Buddhism, in the first prosperous era, there will be a highly civilized art crystallization, lasting for thousands of generations. For the Buddha statue, great achievements have been made, from Yungang, Longmen, Dunhuang, Dazu... Now there are Lingshan Buddhas, which form a national pattern with Lingshan Buddha in Wuxi, Jiangsu in the east, Tiantan Buddha in Hong Kong in the south, Leshan Buddha in Sichuan in the west, Yungang Buddha in Shanxi in the north, Longmen Buddha in Henan Province and five Buddhas standing tall and responding to each other.

Lingshan Town, Huanghua Bay, is located between the mountains and rivers of Wuxi Mashan National Scenic Area. It has always been called "Clean Space, Clean Land and Clean Water". It has beautiful ecology and excellent environment. The Huanghua Bay is close to the mountain lake and the Great Foyi Mountain of Lingshan. It can be said that it is full of human spirit. The name of Huanghua Bay originated from the classic story of Buddha's flowering and Kaya's smiling at Lingshan Meeting, and also from the magical landscape of the area where it was located, which resembled the lotus with five leaves.


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